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Mother’s Dialysis Care, Inc. is a therapeutic transportation service for renal patients. This goal is to help relieve the financial burden associated with transportation that dialysis and kidney transplant patients endure. Mother’s Dialysis Care, Inc. Is a non-medical emergency transportation 501(c)(3) organization providing services to kidney and dialysis transplant patients. We are excited for the opportunity to be of service to the community. It is the desire of the staff and the volunteers at MDC to provide loving, caring, dependable, reliable and professional transportation to each and every one of our patients to and from drugstores and various dialysis centers. As a Christian non-profit non- medical emergency transportation service, it is our goal to defray transportation costs for dialysis/kidney transplant patients and provide a service full of love and care.


In addition, Mother’s Dialysis Care, Inc. will provide living residence for family members of kidney transplant patients to lodge during the transplant surgery free of charge for up to 2 weeks. My Daughter’s House is designed to offer serenity, tranquility, and to offset travel costs. My Daughter’s House will be conveniently located close to the medical center. Our prayer is that your stay at our facilities is a memorable one.

A Transport Service That Cares

Special Thanks to Our 2020 Board of Directors


Teria M. Johnson - Founder/CEO

Teria M. Johnson is a native of Charleston, SC. However, the past for the past twenty-three (23) years she has called Houston, Texas home.


The majority of Teria work experience was cultivated in the legal field. Currently, Teria is a Property Manager at DMA Companies where manages 113 affordable luxury senior housing where she intakes over $74K monthly.


Teria’s faith has seen her through many tests and trials. Her strong Christian beliefs empowers her to keep moving. Teria has served in several ministry capacities over the years. Teria is the Founder & CEO of Mother’s Dialysis Care, Inc. which was originally founded in August, 2015.

Teria is the proud mother of one (1) son, Travon M. Snipes & daughter-in-law, Allonna. Teria is the eldest of 5 siblings, (Her sister Tara L. Ceaser preceded her in death). God has blessed Teria with twelve (12) nieces and nephews. Teria enjoys serving in the community in whatever platform God allows. She also enjoys cooking, baking, walks on the beach, listening to music, traveling, planning events, and spending time with family is one of her biggest joy!

Allonna Snipes - Director of Development

Allonna began her fundraising career as a grant writer nine years ago through the Gateway Scholar Program at her alma mater, Rice University. Since then she has worked with multiple non-profit organizations and played a critical role in raising more than $25 million through grants, personal gifts and special events.


In her spare time, she enjoys building a diverse business portfolio with her husband which includes businesses in real estate and rental car services to name a few. 


She is passionate about supporting entrepreneurs and creatives in growing their businesses. She is a firm believer in utilizing every talent within you to serve others. In everything that she does, she hopes to inspire others to enjoy their current season no matter where they are in their journey.

Annette J. Fields - Advisory Member

Kidney Transplant Survivor

Annette J. Fields was born April 9, 1943, in Charleston, South Carolina to Joseph and Clara Jones. Annette attended the public school of Charleston County and is a 1961 graduate of Burke High School. Annette career started at Medical University, Charleston South Carolina. Later Annette pushed her career as a food service worker at the VA Hospital in Charleston, SC where she retired as Food Service Supervisor. In October, 1964, Annette gave birth to her first daughter, Teria Marette.  Five (5) years later, Tara Lynette arrived and five (5) years after that her youngest daughter, Tiffany Evette was born.  From three daughters Annette have been blessed with nine (9) grand children:  Travon, Tiara, Tanesha, Tyler, Trinity, Nelson, III, Joseph, Christinia and Victoria.In 2011, Annette lost her middle child to massive heart attack.  Annette received a gift of life when she received her daughter, Tara’s kidney.  Today, Annette have spoken throughout the State of Texas about her experience with End Stage

Renal Disease at the following: St. Luke’s Hospital, Houston, TX (3 times) Denton A. Cooley Auditorium, Houston, Tx LifeGift, Houston, Tx Marriott Medical Center, Houston, TX Methodist Hospital, Houston, Tx Life Gift Board of Directors, Houston, Texas Faith United Methodist Church, Dickinson, Texas The Links Incorporated Gulf Coast Apollo (TX) Chapter and Good Hope Missionary Baptist Church, Houston, Tx.  I will continue to speak LIFE into the lives of others effected by end stage renal disease.  She was the original Board Member of Mother’s Dialysis Care, Inc.  She now serves on the Advisory Board.


Annette J. Fields-Kidney Transplant Survivor

In 2008, I moved to Houston, Texas to be with my three (3) daughters after being diagnosed with end stage renal disease.  One year (1) later, I started my dialysis treatment.  It was difficult at first due to various complications.  In addition, I had a couple of surgeries to correct my fistula. During this period, my daughter Tara desperately wanted to give me a kidney.  The summer of 2010, Tara went to be tested as a donor only to find out that she would not be a candidate.  Tara was diagnosed high blood pressure.


On Sunday, August 14, 2011, Tara had a massive heart attack which left her in a coma for five (5) days.  On Friday, August 19, 2011, Tara was pronounced brain dead and we were told there was nothing else that could be done.  On Saturday, August 20, 2011, I was taken to St. Lukes Hospital, Houston, Tx to prepare for my transplant. Tara was definitely a match.  And on that glorious Sunday morning, August 21, 2011, I received my daughter’s kidney and was given new life.

One (1) year after she was originally tested, she still gave me the one thing she desperately wanted me to have….NEW LIFE! Tara was a perfect candidate to help save several lives. Tara’s organs were donated to several others families. She donated a liver, 2 kidneys, a heart, 2 lungs, eyes, and several other tissues. Today, because of the gift given to me, I am able to share my testimony and provide hope to those on dialysis, those waiting on a kidney transplant or those who have simply given up hope. I have been asked to speak publicly to hospitals, doctors, nurses, staff members and donor/recipient families.  I will continue to speak LIFE into the lives of others effected by end stage renal disease.  Today and everyday, I salute my daughter, Tara Lynette Ceaser for her endless gift of life and love! (Feb 24, 1974 - August 19, 2011).  I shared my testimony at:


St. Luke’s Hospital (3 times), Houston, TX

Marriott Medical Center, Houston, TX

Methodist Hospital, Houston, Tx

Life Gift Board of Directors, Houston, Texas

Good Hope Missionary Baptist Church, Houston, Tx.

Gulf Links Chapter, Houston, Texas (2)

Faith United Methodist Church, Dickerson, TX

Today, I serve as an Advisory Member to the Board of Directors for Mother's Dialysis Care, Inc.  I am a mouth piece for the renal community.  My family and I are taking our experiences to help those effected with end stage disease to have a better quality of life through various resources.

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2021 Board of Directors

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